Saturday, April 27, 2002

Why are there legends of ancient civilizations creating/constructing things that we know they could not have? Take the city of Atlantis for example, how they could've constructed their stunning city to only have it destroyed? Also their legendary metal, orichalcion, the metal that could cut through any substance, was lighter than hydrogen, and could change under pressure. How the same legends are told throughout the world under different names. Orichalcion being described as the metal that can cut through stone and would never rust. Take this theory, posed by a friend, that the earth goes through cycles of apocalypse. How after a set period of time, everything is wiped out and the human race and everything else continues on with knowledge lost from their ancestors, the new generation not knowing what had taken place. Maybe their elders replaced by people as new as they but still retaining their look and personality? Though the Bible has its faults (e.g. mistranslations and biases) it still has many mysteries hidden in it that we can look upon if we pay attention. Ever notice how the Bible always has reoccuring numbers? You know, 40, 4, 6, 7, 12, and so on. Well, I tried a different approach of interpreting the Bible, through numbers. Though a bit unorthodox, it is not unheard of. Like take some scientists trying to prove God through physics. Here's the 411. I added all the numbers (not over and over just when they are mentioned excluding the Book of Numbers {Census of the 12 tribes of Israel}, those having to do with population in the other books, and Revelation) getting 1,986. WITH Revelation it is 2,032. Subtracting that I got 46. Now, taking a look at the number, 4 and 6, there was something to it. 4 being used in 40 days, nights, and years PLUS the evangelists. And 6 being attributed to 666. I started reading Revelation 4:6 and it talked about a sea of crystal. Thinking about that I could think of two seas. First, the Antarctic sea, full of ice crystals. But according to logic, the writers would not have known of it. So I then thought of the Dead Sea, having salt crystals there. I know that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found there, but I wonder what else lies there..... Reading Revelation 6:4 it talks about one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. A red horseman is mentioned (the devil? no, i think not, but then again i wouldn't know). Fire and Water, two opposites of each other..... I read more into it by seeing a pattern that in verse 6 of each chapter of Revelation talked about death or rebirth. Chapters 12 and 18 were those that didnt fit the category. 12? I thought thinking about the Apostles. 18? Have no idea... ok so going from 12 apostles to 72 disciples. ONE thing seemed REAL freaky..72/12 is 4 and 72/18 is 6. Whoa.... so maybe 4 and 6 are the represantative numbers of Good and Evil? Ezekial and another book, i think Sirach mention the thing about the crystal sea and red horseman. 5:25 and 6:21. Remember my friend's theory of cycles of apocalypse? LOL, well, he applied that as 5:21 AM of 4/6/1986 as the old being wiped out and 6:21 AM of the same day as the new being created. Well if that is true (though I doubt if it IS possible) then the next date is 4/6/2032... Whenever the apocalypse does happen, just remember nothing just starts a new beginning...

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

The Guardian
Oh man, the last few days have really been a trip...Those dreams..they haunt me, though they are making sense in my daily life. People say that there are at least five guardians ("guardian angels" to some) who protect you, guide you when you're sleeping, try to get your attention when the time calls for it. There others who say that you can talk to guardians, though they do not have a physical form...I think I'm one who has experienced that. That dream, the space with the infinite doors surrounding me. Hmm..sounds kinda weird, something like a M.C. Escher space.. but of course I had to open one of the doors, lest I die of boredom just standing there! I looked around, names of people I knew were written on each door, I did not, no, would not open any of those. I looked around and saw a large black door, I knew I had found the door I was looking for. Of course it had to say "Don't Open", but I knew I'd take the risk. I opened it, and was immediately was greeted by a Centaur (half men, half horse) holding an axe. I stared at it, it stared back. It held the axe above me, I thought he was going to kill me, he didn't. He knelt before me and I immediately woke up. It took me a while to think of that creature as my guardian, though now thinking about it, I've always seen him in my dreams. Well, dreams are a facet of reality waiting to show itself in another form...I just wish I knew what....
~Kevin Jimenez~