Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Bum bum bum!!!!!! The Soul and Time FINAL everyone and welcome to the final installment of the mini series blog thingie "The Soul and Time"! real info on the PK and psychic stuff. BUT........BUT! I have something on that subject. The hoaxes of psychics and mediums! I'm all into the REAL paranormal and unexplainable, but we must think carefully and make sure that we are not too easily fooled into believing. I mean look at magic (with a C darn you!). Misdirection (creating a diversion so the audience isn't focusing on the magician while he/she does something to prepare the trick), slight of hand, palming (holding something in your hand acting naturally as to show nothing was ever in your hand) {ah!!!!! now i know why they use cards and small objects!}, and prepared props (ex: the magician's egg lol which is a wooden egg with a hole in it so you can make that "hankerchief" turn "magically" into an "egg"!! quote on quote lol) are all used in magic making seemingly impossible tasks possible. Many of these principles are also used in scams and hoaxes. SO!!!!! I warn you not to have some degree of skepticism but to still not dismiss everything we see as a hoax. In the 1890's there was a statement by the science community stating that "X-rays will turn out to be nothing more than a hoax" but they've been proven WRONG! So, believe in what you can, but not in everything.
Okay, now for something totally different (lol)! Ghosts! One of the few paranormal events where there have been many signs and actual evidence! READ EVIDENCE! Besides accounts by people and/or teams of investigators, there have been photos, thermal imaging, and static! STATIC! Yes, there have been hoaxes, but I still believe that there is an existence for ghosts. There are many sites around the world that are "haunted" wee.....haunted. Well so far I believe in it, though that may change when I have more experience in the actual workings of a haunting (I'm only a high school student.....what do you expect?). Hmm......I'll get some pics of famous ghosts and some stories as well........(including the story of the real evil doll ala "Chuckie"). WHoOoOoO!!!!!!! This ends the mini series blog thingie THe SoUL AnD TImE!!!!
~It's easy believing in the unbelievable, it's harder to not believe in the believable~ Kevin Jimenez

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With the release of the movie "Signs" Imma gonna talk about crop circles, fact and fiction!
Magick!!! (WITH A K!!!!!) and its history
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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The Soul and Time (drum roll please) PT. 2!!
As I lay down in my bed reading "Ender's Game" and "Of Mice and Men", the two works got me thinking about time. Specifically, the past and the future. I've always wondered about the two. You can't change the past nor can you see what your future is. Would it be better if we could do both? Or would it be for the worse? Take all the major disasters and events from the past that have throughly changed human life. Would it be better if they never occurred? In the immediate sense, yes it would. But in the long run, I don't think it would be better anyway. Let's take a recent disaster, 9-11. Everyone knows what happened that fateful day. Now, how would the world be if that hadn't happened? Hmm......we wouldn't be at war with terrorism. Well, we're not at war, but they still get to go around doing their plans. Okay, if the US and other allied countries had not cracked down on it, then wouldn't there be ample time for the terrorist groups to band together and carry out an operation of a much GRANDER scale? Obviously, that would cause the world to go into World War III if the operation was so much bigger and had targeted other countries as well? So in some ways, I'm glad that the present events happened as they did, though I still mourn for the loss of life caused by it, I'd hate to see the day if lives were lost on a much larger scale as mentioned. Now, the future. Will our future turn out to be a bright one? I mean look at our world now. Would you say by our current status that we'd grow into something BETTER? I guess only time will tell. The advent of technology shapes and changes mankind for the better or for the worse. There are inventions that help mankind, and there are those that lead us to destruction. Our current technology is rapidly growing and I'm a great supporter of that, but will we be moral enough to know which technologies MUST be used and ones that NEVER must be used? There are many futures that are laid out before us, will we know which path to take?~Kevin Jimenez~ Theory! PROLOGUE
Oh boy, time, hasn't that always been thought about? I mean all life on earth notices their changing environments and must SENSE some form of time. Two theories I've heard about time. The river theory and the random theory (LOL R & R). First, the river theory. This theory has time compared with the flow of a river. The river goes down one way, and it's pretty hard to go up against the river. Personally, I like this idea. Then I think it could explain all the weird stuff that time does (oh and ghosts too). A river can always branch off making different parts of time. Right? Also, there can be whirlpools (ahem suspended time). This theory can also be used to support going BACK or FORWARD in time. A boat with enough strength going up or down the river. Easy enough. Okay, now the.......RANDOM theory! Oh, I just love the wording lol. Here, time is just a random stringing of events. You thought there'd be more? Well, I don't really like this theory as it would show we have no real control over time nor could we travel back in time. Oh and if it were true, in some other time dimension, I wouldn't be writing this. Too much science eh? nEeD SoMe PaRAnoRmAL? Then here's a theory about PK (psychokinesis not.....well u know.....). PK is essentially the ability to control the future. Killer, eh? A cool study on this was done on volunteers with British psychic Malcolm Bessent. The experiments involved researchers choosing an image and the volunteers trying to tell what image they chose. Cool thing about Malcolm and PK. He chose the correct picture...........before it was chosen! So instead of PREDICTING the future, seems as though psychics with PK can CONTROL the future! Cool eh? Well I'm going to get some more info on that and write about it tomorrow in the final installment (PT. 3!!)of the mini-series blog thingie, The Soul and Time!
TsuChan signing out.

Monday, July 29, 2002

Whoa.......been a while guys...I'll try to update this more cus i know you're all dying to know whats on my mind. LOL Dreams have fizzled to almost nothing.....thank God.....and I'm trying out all sorts of new theories. A soul theory... wee.......oh and maybe ghosts and PSI and so on. There is an ancient Chinese saying about souls. The bits and pieces of the souls of the persons that have failed in their own life time attach to that of new souls. Could that be an explanation to why some people can see ghosts and explain some of the dominant PSI powers that people seem to talk about? Ghosts are so called manifestations of those who have died. There are a couple theories to that. Some are tied down because of their so called failed work (going back to the soul theory) or that because of IMMENSE emotional energy that was present in that area that ties them down also. Then why is that the occurence of a REAL haunting (e.g. a real manifestation of a human entitity and having the ability to manipulate its surroundings and interact with living beings) is so rare? And that only certain people (usually the psychics hired to accompany a team that investigates the hauntings or just random people) can see them? Hmm maybe that goes back to the soul theory that the bits of the soul in the person causes him to actually see the manifestation? Seems right enough.....anyone care to tell me other wise? Hmm........oh, and the PSI (psychic) theory. I've heard two main theories for psychic powers. The first being the power is latent, meaning we are all born with it and that we must exercise and use it to become good at it. The latter being that trauma causes the brain chemistry to change causing the emergence of the power. Naturally I like the first theory....and that makes most sense to me. Maybe the soul theory has something to do with it? Hmm.......then that only brings more questions........(hahah that is so cliched)...well anyway..........I need more material to say just email me about it.........NEXT TIME: The TIME THEORY and um.......oh and MAGICK (ya you heard me, MAGICK with a K not MAGIC)
The past lives in and among us, some just see it clearly whereas most are oblivious to it~Kevin Jimenez~