Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The Dream
Heheehe.......uh I never really got to the stuff I wanted to research due to many things, school being one of them. So I was sitting in English class until Mr. Hancock started talking about dreams, which got me thinking... so I hear him talking about the meaning of "weird" coming from an old german word meaning fate. So, here, I guess I'll tell you two of my weirdest dreams. The first one happened when I dozed off in the bus on the way to the Latin convention last year. John let me listen to this Gregorian chant that talked about the end of the world. Sounded good enough to me, so I put on the headphones and dozed off for a good hour....maybe it was the music or maybe it was the adrenaline pumping through me due to my anxiousness caused by the latin atmostphere.... Well, anyway, I dreamt of this......I was in an empty space as always...and right in front of me stood a HUGE statue, as big as a skyscraper. At the base of the statue was a flaming red rose that was surrounded by fire but was not being burned by it. So as I tried to pick the rose, it shattered, and so did the statue. The scene changed as I saw the statue in ruin and the once red rose, now a morbid black shade. Now, the second dream, it was a large forest setting. I looked down from a ledge and I saw two huge animals fighting, a dragon and a wolf. Both were locked in mortal combat, I was wondering who would win. Then I heared a buzzing sound and an arrow hit the dragon on the neck, I looked to the right and saw a hunter. The dragon pulled the arrow out of its neck, and the two animals then formed an alliance and immediately chased the hunter. I looked away as I could hear the hunter being teared apart by the two great powers. I then saw the two of them look at each other and they departed their seperate ways forgetting that the other was once its enemy. Care to explain all this Mr. Hancock?